Review: Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

Are you tired of your cats ruining your furniture? Do you have a few cats and they don’t always get along? Or maybe you have a timid cat that needs a bit of extra attention to feel safe?

A cat tree is more than just a place for your cats to scratch and play. It provides a place where your cats can learn to live in harmony, and a space to help comfort them. Cats loving vertical and horizontal spaces, and feel safe and in control when they are perched up high off the ground.

There are different cat trees suitable for multiple cats. We’ve had a look at what’s currently available on the market and have chosen our list of the best cat trees for multiple cats.

Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats


FurHaven Tiger Tough 33 Styles of Scratching Posts and Cat Tree House Furniture Condos for Cats and Kittens

When choosing the best cat trees for multiple cats, we couldn’t leave out one of the Amazon best-selling cat tree houses- the Furhaven Tiger Tough!

The cat tree is made of compressed pine, so it’s sturdy and suited for multiple cats. You don’t have to worry about your cats destroying the cat tree!

This is a deluxe cat tree with multiple platforms covered in plush material (100% polyester faux fur), that will leave your cats feeling like the kings and queens of your world! Your cats will love sleeping on the top perch, relaxing but also looking over everything around them.

Which cat will get the top spot first?

There are natural sisal posts perfect for claws and scratching, as well a hanging rope toy for exploration and fun.

When your cats are feeling playful, the Furhaven Tiger Tough features a Cat-IQ Busy Box that has two jingle balls that your cats can play with. The balls can stay in the unit or be removed. There’s also a dangling puff ball that your cats and grab with their claws. Cats love interactive toys and being entertained!

For cats who like a little privacy while relaxing, there’s a soft-sided cat “condo” which we think is a great idea!

There are multiple platforms to climb and explore, and the top perch is padded for extra comfort and safety.

Worried about assembling the cat tree? There are instructions included and it only takes a few minutes to set up.

Keep the cat tree clean is easy- simply spot clean using a mild detergent or soap and then blot rinse with water. Leave the cat tree to air dry.

The cat tree is available in brown, blue and cream colors.

Dimensions: length: 27.5 inches; width: 16 inches; height: 55 inches.

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EliteField Cat Tree, Scratcher Furniture Condo House

Another tree for our list of the best cat trees for multiple cats is the EliteField Cat Tree, a sturdy cat tree popular with cat owners (and cats, of course!).

It has two cat “condos” made of pressed wood and covered with faux fur, with a ladder leading to each house. Your cats can sleep in comfort with their own territory, and they can let each other know who’s in charge!

There are three perches towards the top of the cat tree, so that your cats can relax and have a great view of their surrounding environment.

For playful kittens, there are two hanging fur toys to keep your fur babies entertained for hours!

The scratching posts are covered with natural sisal, a favorite for cats. A scratching post means less scratching of your furniture!

EliteField has made it easy for cat owners to assemble the cat tree, with all parts being labelled for easy assembly.

There are also instructions included and the tools that you need for assembly.

Other consumers have reported that it’s a very easy cat tree to assemble. The pole pieces easily screw into the flat components. Most consumers only take a few minutes to assemble the cat tree.

We’ve chosen the EliteField cat tree as one of the best cat trees for multiple cats because it’s manufactured by a New York-based company that offers a 2-year warranty. EliteField prides itself on great quality and customer service and offers a 100% Money-Back Guarantee.

Dimensions: Length: 50 inches; Width: 26 inches; Height: 72 inches.

The cat tree is beige in color.

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Best Choice Products 53″ Multi-Level Cat Tree Scratcher Condo Tower

Best Choice Products has a great multi-level cat tree suitable as one of the best cat trees for multiple cats. It’s sturdy, has a fun design and provides a great relaxing spot for cats– as well as entertainment for active kitties!

This is a great cat tree for cats of all ages and suitable for up to 4 adult cats.

There are multiple levels so that your cats can choose their preferred height, with three perches located at the top.

There are 2 covered condos of different sizes for cats that prefer to sleep in privacy and need to feel secure and safe.
The Best Choice cat tree frame is made of particle board, with a polyester woollen covering with printed paws to give a soft and plush feel. The cat scratcher posts are covered in natural sisal rope.

We like the sturdiness of the cat tree, given its height and capacity. It’s important to have a cat tree that’s strong enough for multiple cats!

The cat tree is very easy to assemble and comes with complete instructions.

Cat tree dimensions: Length: 24 inches; Width: 26 inches; Height: 53 inches;

Condo 1 dimensions: Length: 18 inches; Width: 9.5 inches; Height: 10 inches

Condo 2 dimensions: Length: 9.25 inches; Width: 9.25 inches; Height: 8.5 inches

The Best Choice cat tree is beige in color with black paw prints.

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Furhaven Tiger Tough Cat Tree House Furniture for Cats and Kittens, Platform House Playground, Gray

We’ve chosen another Furhaven Tiger Tough cat tree for multiple cats because we’re impressed with the quality and different options available for cat owners. It’s a great choice as one of the best cat trees for large cats.

There are three different designs to choose from: a decker playground, platform house or round house. We’ve chosen to review the decker playground as one of the best cat trees for multiple cats because of its size, quality, and features.

It has a multi-level playground which is what you want if you own a few cats.

There are two private cat condos for cats who like to sleep in privacy in a secure and cosy environment.

We love the entertainment this cat tree offers: there are three different hanging toys. There’s a spring ball wand toy, a hanging ball and a hanging mouse toy. This will keep your cats amused for a long time!

The Furhaven cat tree house is covered with plush fabric to give a luxurious feel. The posts are covered in natural sisal rope which makes a great scratch training post. Forget scratching your furniture!

At the top of the cat tree is a look out point that has been designed as an open half-cup sleeping spot. Your cats can keep an eye on their surroundings or just chill out after all that playing and scratching.

The Furhaven cat tree comes in either cream or gray.

To keep the cat tree in great condition, give any dirty areas a spot clean with mild soap or detergent and then blot rinse the spot. Let the cat tree air dry.

Dimensions: Length: 23.6 inches; Width: 19.3 inches; Height: 59.8 inches.

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Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat Furniture

If you’re looking for something that’s more entertaining for your cats than your regular cat tree, then the Kitty City Steel Claw Mega Kit Cat furniture might be a great choice!

It’s suitable for multiple cats and don’t be worried about assembly- while the Kitty City looks complicated, it’s easy to assemble and you can attach additional Kitty City modular products to it.

The structure is covered in sturdy but soft fleese so that your cats can rest or play in comfort. There’s also a heavy duty coated fabric which is tear resistant- no need to worry if your cats scratch a lot!

The Kitty City has heavy duty ABS joints which hold all the pipes securely in place.

There are multiple colored jingle balls that hang around the structure to entertain your cats, and there are also scratching posts covered in natural sisal. The ramp at the top of the structure is covered in heavy duty sisal, for cats who like to climb high.

One of the great things about the Kitty City is that you can set it up however you want to, and after a while when your cats seem bored, you can re-assemble the structure differently to keep them stimulated.

One word of advice: before assembling everything together, make sure you plan how you want the structure to look otherwise you’ll waste time and effort!

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How To Choose The Best Cat Trees For Multiple Cats

Every cat has a different personality, and only YOU know your cat best!

When choosing the best cat trees for multiple cats, think about the size of the structure and whether it’s large enough and durable enough for the number of cats you have. Look at the dimensions and make sure that there are enough perches and condos for your cats.

If your home doesn’t have much space, make sure you choose a cat tree that is more compact and is taller rather than wider.

If you have young cats or kittens, choose a cat tree with different toys and features for entertainment. Try not to choose a plain-looking cat tree that won’t interest your kitten!

Also consider your budget! Often, you get what you pay for. If you buy cheap, expect cheap quality. Since you have multiple cats using the cat tree, quality should be more of a priority than price otherwise you’ll soon be replacing your cat tree!

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