Best Pet Water Fountain: Our Top Picks 2018

Up until a couple of years ago, we’d always used a standard large bowl for our dogs drinking water. We’d heard of pet water fountains but didn’t think much of them until we finally took the plunge and bought one in 2015.

That’s when we realised what all the fuss was about!

Pet water fountains are great because they make sure that the water is always circulating and staying fresh. Still water is a breeding ground for bacteria, dirt, mold and other germs. You wouldn’t let your kids drink that kind of water, so why would you let your pets?

Water fountains are also soothing and relaxing and they are attractive to dogs and cats.

There are many different pet water fountains on the market that come in different shapes, sizes, colors and with different features. So we’ve decided to take a look at the best-selling pet water fountains and have created a review blog post for you. This should help you with your buying decision!

best pet water fountain

Best Pet Water Fountain Review 2017

PetSafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain for Pets

If you have a small to medium sized pet, then the Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda pet water fountain would be a great option. Petsafe is a reliable and very well-known pet product brand, so you know you’re getting great value and quality for your money.

The Pagoda pet water fountain holds around 70 ounces of water and has dual free-falling streams that encourage your pets to drink more water. The dual streams mean that more oxygen is added to the water, making it healthier and more refreshing for your pets.

What we love about the Petsafe Drinkwell Pagoda pet water fountain is that it’s made of ceramic– so easy for you to clean and it looks more attractive than something made of plastic. The Pagoda pet water fountain can be taken apart easily for cleaning and is dishwasher safe (place on the top shelf only).

You can purchase a set of cleaning brushes and a toxic-free, pet-safe enzyme cleaner at an extra cost.

The pet water fountain comes with a carbon water filter to remove any nasties found in the water such as bad tastes and odors. The carbon filters are obtained from organic coconut shells. You can replace the carbon water filter regularly to keep the water filtered and fresh. The manufacturer recommends replacing the filter every 2 to 4 weeks although you might be able to leave it for longer.

The Pagoda pet water fountain also comes with foam filters that help catch any other large particles or debris before the water reaches the pump. These also need to be replaced every couple of months.

There are two drinking areas for your pets, with an upper and lower drinking dish. This is great if you have two pets of different sizes!

There are four different colors available: blue, red, taupe and white.

Dual streams that make it easier for your pet to drink from the fountain
Water filters that purify the water
Made of ceramic, making it easier to clean and more stylish than plastic

Having to replace the water filters and foam filters on a regular basis can be costly

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PetSafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

We couldn’t create a list of the best pet water fountains for 2017 without mentioning the top-seller, the Petsafe Drinkwell platinum pet fountain.

This pet water fountain is popular mainly because of the size- it has a capacity of around 168 ounces of water, which is great for pets of any size. The water fountain has a large reservoir which is why it can hold a greater capacity of water than other pet water fountains. This means you don’t have to constantly refill the water fountain!

Although the Petsafe platinum is made of plastic, the plastic is BPA-free and is dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean (keep it on the top shelf only).

Once the water level drops to below the minimum line, you’ll notice a louder humming noise. This tells you to fill up the reservoir as it’s almost empty. And don’t be concerned about loud noises- the Petsafe platinum pet water fountain’s water pump is submersible– this allows for a quiet and smooth operation.

There’s a replaceable carbon water filter to keep the nasties out of the water and to give the water a better taste, as well as a pre-filter that stops any hair, large particles, or dirt from making contact with the water pump. This helps keep your pump in good condition for longer.

If you’re worried about your pet removing the water filter, Petsafe has included a snap-on lid to not only prevent the filter being removed, but to make it easier for you when you’re changing the water filter.

There are also rubber feet on the water fountain to prevent it from sliding or being knocked over easily.

Other features include the receiving ramp which stops the water making a loud noise once it comes out of the fountain.

What we also love about the Petsafe platinum is that you can control the water flow! You can choose to make it flow faster or slower, depending on your and your pet’s needs.

Replacement filter packs and cleaning brushes can be purchased separately.


Control of the water flow
Quiet operation due to the submersible pump


Replacing filters can become costly

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Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Pet Drinking Fountain

Another popular choice among pet owners is the Pioneer Pet raindrop stainless steel pet drinking fountain. The Pioneer Pet’s design is patent-pending.

We love the Pioneer Pet water fountain because it’s made of stainless steel, which is better quality than plastic (and plastic’s bad for the environment!). You know your pet water fountain is going to last longer and be easy to clean if it’s made of stainless steel.

It has a capacity of 60 ounces, and has a replaceable charcoal filter to purify your pets drinking water. This removes bad tastes and odors, which is great for fussy pets and encourages them to drink more water.

You can move the spout, so that you choose the perfect spot for your pet. By putting it in the center, this helps reduce the noise and creates a smoother water flow.

It’s easy to take the water fountain apart for cleaning, and you can put it in your dishwasher if you don’t like manually cleaning it!

The water pump has an ultra-quiet operation, but you do need to clean your pump once a month to keep it clean and working efficiently. There’s a 1-year warranty on the pumps.

We also like that the Pioneer Pet water fountain comes with a longer power cord which is great when you’re using the fountain outside.


Patent-pending design
Stainless steel materials- better quality and better for the environment
Extra-long power cord


Some people have complained about the operation of the pump. Remember to follow the instructions in the manual or check out the Youtube video to make sure the propeller is clean and working properly.

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Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

The Drinkwell Original pet water fountain is a popular choice due to its quality and large water capacity.

You can choose one of three different packs when buying the Drinkwell- we’ve decided to review the pack with the bonus 50-ounce reservoir. This seems to be the most popular choice among pet owners, because it means the overall water capacity increases to 100 ounces! This means you don’t have to worry about refilling your pet water fountain as often as other water fountains! It’s great value for money.

We also love that there’s an adjustable flow knob so that you can control the water flow!

The pet fountain is made of BPA-free plastic and it’s easy to take apart and clean. And yes, it’s dishwasher safe (top shelf only)! Just note the pump cannot be washed.

Its design includes a receiving ramp which reduces noise and splashing, and a 6-feet long power cord.

You can easily buy replacement carbon filters as well as a cleaning brush kit and enzyme cleaner.


Bonus 50-oz reservoir which brings total capacity to 100oz
Adjustable flow knob


Regular replacement of carbon filters can become expensive

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Drinkwell 360 Fountain for Pets

If you need an extra-large capacity pet water fountain then the Drinkwell 360 would be the perfect choice. It has an impressive 128oz capacity, making it a great option for dogs and cats of all sizes!

One of the things we love about the Drinkwell is there are 5 free-falling streams on the fountain to make it easier for your pet to drink water and to encourage them to drink more. It’s also a great option if you have a few pets that need to share the pet water fountain.

The Drinkwell also includes an adjustable flow control so you can control the flow speed of the water. A reduced speed means you don’t need to refill the fountain as often.

Like most other pet water fountains, the Drinkwell features a carbon filter to remove odors and tastes from the water, leaving your pet’s water cleaner and better tasting. The carbon filter is replaceable and should be changed at least every few weeks (depending on your original water quality).

There’s also a foam filter to catch any large debris and hair, to stop it getting caught in the pump. This helps your pump to last longer. The foam filter should also be regularly changed.

The unit is made of BPA-free plastic and is dishwasher safe on the top shelf only.

The Drinkwell has been designed with a receiving ramp to reduce splashing and noise from the free-falling streams.

Noise is also reduced because the pump is submerged in the water.


The 5 free-falling streams make the Drinkwell 360 great for households with a few pets
Adjustable flow control


Replacing filters can be expensive

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Pioneer Pet Big Max Stainless Steel Fountain

The award-winning Pioneer Pet Big Max stainless steel pet water fountain is another fountain that we’ve chosen for our top list.

It’s premium stainless steel quality makes it a great choice, and we love that it has a large capacity of 128oz! This is great news if you don’t like having to constantly refill your pet’s water bowl or water fountain.

We at Best Pet Best Friend aren’t a fan of plastic, and while it can’t always be avoided, we’re happy when we find a stainless-steel pet product to promote.

The Pioneer has a patent pending design, and features a charcoal filter to remove any unpleasant odors and tastes. It has a long power cord which helps if you’re using the pet water fountain outside.

Cleaning is easy- the water fountain can be pulled apart easily and is dishwasher safe. Other users of the Pioneer Pet

Big Max say that it’s a much easier pet water fountain to clean than others they have owned before. There are fewer parts and the design is simple, which makes it easy to clean quickly. Who has time to waste on cleaning?

Some consumers have complained about the filters not being strong enough, and some have suggested purchasing filters that you can cut and fit yourself. This is an option if you think the Pioneer water filter and pad filter aren’t as effective (which could depend on your town water quality and your pet’s breed or behavior).


Award-winning patent pending design
Fewer parts makes it very easy and quick to clean


Some say the filters aren’t the best quality (although this may depend on various factors)

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How to choose the best pet water fountain for your pet

We’ve given you some options for the best pet water fountain currently on the market. When making your choice, you need to think about your pet’s needs as well as your needs (since you’ll be cleaning and replacing the filters).

Think about what’s important to you: a simple and effective design and operation, or do you prefer something more elaborate? How many pets will be using the water fountain? Do you prefer non-plastic fountains? Is noise an issue for you?

Think about what’s important to you before making your purchase, and you’ll find the right pet water fountain for your pet.

We’ll drink to that!

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