Best Waterless Dog Shampoo

Good old Rover had a bath last night, but he’s filthy again today!

The thought of going through the bath routine again, so soon, is making you cringe. How can you clean your dog without all the fuss?

Enter waterless dog shampoo- the easiest way to clean your dog without having to give him a bath!

If you’d never hear of waterless dog shampoos before, you might be surprised to learn there are a few different brands on the market. We’ve researched and compiled a list of the best waterless dog shampoo brands to help you choose the right one for your pooch!

Best Waterless Dog Shampoo


best waterless dog shampoo


Dry Dog Shampoo, Waterless, No Rinse Foam Mousse – Best for Bathless Cleaning of Coat and Removing Pet Odor – Mango & Pomegranate Scent, Natural with No Harsh Detergents, Made in USA, 100% Guaranteed

Paw Choice’s Dry Dog Shampoo certainly isn’t a poor choice when it comes to the best waterless dog shampoo. It’s a great waterless, no rinse shampoo formula that will keep your dog’s coat clean and shiny.

The formula is coconut-based and is safe for your dog’s skin, especially if it’s sensitive. The shampoo is suitable for all fur types.

You don’t need to worry about harsh chemicals- the shampoo doesn’t contain sodium laureth sulfate. However, it still foams up well to help you clean your dog.

If your dog is using a flea treatment, Paw’s Choice Dry Dog Shampoo is still ok to use as it won’t affect the flea treatment.

And for smelly dogs, Paw’s Choice is a great way to remove bacteria that leads to bad pet odor, rather than just hiding the smell. The shampoo has a lovely mango and pomegranate scent!

Paw’s Choice manufactures its vet-formulated dry dog shampoo in an EPA-registered facility here in the U.S.A. The shampoo is cruelty-free.

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Miracle Coat Rinseless Shampoo for Dogs, 8 oz

Miracle Coat’s rinseless shampoo for dogs is an easy way to clean your dog without having to worry about a bath.

Miracle Coat uses a pH-balanced formula that you simply apply to your dog, rub all over and then towel dry and brush your dog. It’s been created to leave your dog with a shiny coat regardless of what type of coat or skin your dog has.

The shampoo contains natural extracts such as honeysuckle, evening primrose, chamomile, clove, Jasmine, and white ginger.

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Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse Waterless Shampoo Lavender, 7.10 fl oz

Another brand of best waterless dog shampoo I’ve included in this review list is the Wahl Natural Pet No-Rinse waterless shampoo.

It has a lovely coconut lime verbena fragrance that will not only leave your dog clean and fresh but smelling nice without having to worry about giving her a bath.

Wahl’s waterless shampoo contains plant-based cleansers which are gentle on your dog’s skin and perfect if you’re an owner who avoids chemicals.

The shampoo is alcohol-free, paraben-free and PEG-80 free.

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Dry Shampoo for Dogs – Waterless Foaming Mousse – Mango & Pomegranate – 8oz

Particular Paws’ Dry Shampoo For Dogs is a great waterless, foaming mousse perfect for cleaning your dog and leave him smelling lovely!

The shampoo has a coconut-based formula that is moisturizing for your dog’s skin. It’s suitable for use on all skin types, and is gentle enough for sensitive skin. The waterless foaming mousse doesn’t interfere with any flea treatments.

What I really like about this shampoo, and why I’ve added it to my list of the best waterless dog shampoo is the small, handy bottle it comes in.

It’s a great travel size that fits easily into your purse. This is great for when you’re travelling or going camping and you need to clean your dog but can’t give a bath! You could also leave the bottle in your car’s glove compartment “just in case”.

The scent isn’t overpowering- it’s a pleasant mango and pomegranate scent.

The shampoo is vet-formula approved and manufactured in strict GMP-compliant facilities in the U.S.A.

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Vet Recommended – Waterless Dog Shampoo – No Rinse Dry Shampoo For Dogs, Detergent And Alcohol Free, Apple Extract – Perfect For Spot Cleaning The Dog Coat – Made in the USA (16oz/473ml)

Vet Recommended is a very popular brand, which is why I chose its Waterless Dog Shampoo as one of my best water dog shampoo brands currently on the market.

Spot-cleaning your dog is so much easier than giving a proper bath. Vet Recommended is a spray and wipe shampoo that is perfect for keeping your dog clean in between washes. It’s a great shampoo for dog grooming.

All you need to do is spray the shampoo onto your dog and let it dry naturally. No towels required!

Unlike some shampoos, Vet Recommended doesn’t use harsh chemicals or dyes and is gentle on your dog’s coat. The formula includes a hypoallergenic cleaning formula that is safe for dogs with sensitive skin.

The shampoo blend is a mild surfactant that is detergent-free and alcohol-free. The shampoo is cruelty-free too.

The shampoo can also be used on cats, rabbits and ferrets!

If your dog is using a topical flea treatment, the shampoo won’t interfere with its performance.

I also really like that the packaging is made of eco-friendly recycled materials which are friendly for our planet.

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Why You Should Use The Best Waterless Dog Shampoo

For time-poor pet owners whose dogs need a wash (but already had a bath last night!), using the best waterless dog shampoo is a great short cut to long, messy baths.

What I love most about waterless dog shampoos is that they’re more environmentally friendly than using disposable wipes, which add to landfill!

Waterless dog shampoos are great for when you’re travelling and a bath just isn’t possible. It’s also a good option if your dog has had surgery and can’t be bathed but needs a good clean.

When choosing the best waterless dog shampoo, look at the ingredients in each shampoo and also whether it’s the best choice for your own needs. If you’re using it while travelling, look for brands that come in small, convenient packaging.

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